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Trees and your Foundation

We love our trees here at K and S, however we agree with the time honored philosophy of “right plant, right place”. This means you can love blue spruce and maple trees, just plant them away from the home, with the room they need to grow properly and not damage property. There are a wide variety of ornamental trees that can provide you with the color of flowers and foliage you desire, while not growing too large for the area and damaging property.

While tree roots themselves don’t have the capability of moving or cracking your foundation, they do however inadvertently cause damage by displacing soil around them, making it inadequate to support structures such as driveways and foundations. The larger roots that support the tree, can crack sidewalks and shift them, causing direct damage, and costing the homeowner money. In their never ending hunt for water and nutrients, maples, willows, and aspen trees can damage sewer pipes, since their roots can reach beyond the trees drip line, or crown. This is why it is so prudent to consult a trained professional while planning your landscape. We can plan with you, choosing the right plant for the right spots, and also remove problematic trees, saving you thousands of dollars in the future.

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