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Soil Compositions

There are three main soil classifications in your yard, depending on the size of the particles, in millimeters. Sand being the largest at 2 mm-0.05 mm, silt being next largest at 0.05 mm-0.002 mm, and finally clay being the smallest particles at 0.002 mm or smaller. The ideal soil is 40% sand, 40% silt and 20% clay, which is described as a Loam, which rarely occurrs in nature. “Loam” is a term used to discuss the varying ratios as they actually occur. We have “sandy loams” or “clayish loams” in our landscapes a lot, which mean your soil is more sand or clay then a “Loam soil” composition. Drainage problems occur when your soil is heavy clay and your plants can’t absorb nutrients. This can be amended by removing clay and adding organic mat , sand and gravel to your beds.

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